TUIO Application Showcase

This page lists a few selected open source applications, which have been built using the TUIO framework, with a combination of a TUIO enabled tracker application and a TUIO client implementation for the used programming environment. The provided examples are tangible or multi-touch applications for several programming languages, which can serve as a starting point or inspiration for your own creation. We are still looking for more examples made with other programming environments that are not yet listed here, or further applications that also include tangible interface components. If you want your own application to be included in this selection, please send a link to its documentation, source code and video to [martin_at_tuio_dot_org].

Processing: MSAFluid

author: Memo Akten [documentation] [source]

Quartz Composer: Interactive Water

author: Dustin O'Connor [documentation] [source]

Flash: Google Maps

author: Johannes Luderschmidt [docs] [source]

Wiimote: Virtual Candle

author: Tim Doliesen [source]

more open source TUIO software

  • Surface Editor a flexible mapping editor, which transforms multi-touch devices into musical instruments
  • NASA WorldWind TUIO plugin based based on the C# TUIO API
  • blenderTUIO a modified version of the Blender game engine supporting TUIO input
  • xTuio a collection of TUIO enabled multi-touch apps for Mac OS X

Java: Community Earth

author: Taha Bintahir et al. [documentation] [source]

C++: TUIO Smoke

author: Patrick King [documentation] [source]

Open Frameworks: ofxMSAFluid

author: Memo Akten [documentation] [source]

Pure Data: Fid_abs

author: Jean-Yves Gratius [documentation] [source]

Python: PyMT

author: Thomas Hansen et al. [documentation] [source]